Why Should You Refurbish your house?

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There are several reasons why our customers come to us looking for assistance with a house refurbishment project. First off, some customers have been living in a house for a while and it is due an upgrade. The years hurtle by in the blink of an eye and before you know it, your property can start to look tired or old fashioned. By undertaking a refurbishment, you can bring it up to date and make it feel homely again. This can be in the form of replacing things like fixings and fixtures and or flooring, redecorating, plastering, painting, wallpapering walls, and some modernisation processes, or it can be in the form of a larger renovation, taking apart what is currently there and starting from fresh, including fitting new bathrooms and kitchens, or considering the existing layout as well. Sometimes, a refurbishment is needed simply to make a property feel like a home.

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It’s unlikely you’ll need planning permission for any refurbishment work at your property. Compared with larger renovations, which often require planning approval, there’s less red tape to cut through when undertaking a refurbishment. However, if you’re undertaking major electrical or gas work during your refurbishment, you may need Building Regulations approval.

Whatever your reason for considering a refurbishment project, you’ll need to think about your motivations for doing the work and how much you want to spend. A well planned refurbishment not only makes the property look stunning and inviting, it can considerably increase its market value, especially where the house is to be sold on to new owners.

A property refurbishment can be far more cost-effective, less disruptive and can be achieved in a shorter timescale, if you’re already happy with the existing layout and functionality, and simply want to improve it aesthetically.

Renovating a house brings with it a plethora of joy and happiness for the inhabitants. It helps to build and create a home that is suited to the residents perfectly, you can add to the character of the local area (property) and creating an aesthetic that works for you. If you want light, airy, spacious and modern, or traditional, warm and comforting, our team has the skills to deliver.

Sometimes, when it comes to refurbishments, we all need a little inspiration, we are here to help.

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Reasons for House Refurbishments:
  • Increase your functional space/quality of life;
  • Increase the value of the property;
  • Save on the cost of moving;
  • Increase the efficiency of your house;
  • Fix safety issues;
  • Add your individual style.
  • Enhanced comfort, enjoyment and an improved style of your house.
  • The safety of your house will be granted if you invest in rewiring.
  • You can save energy and make your home more eco-friendly.
  • Renovation means more practicality and functionality.
  • Make your house a better place to live in and add value if you decide to sell it.